Paul J Johnson hence PJJ Artworks .

I have done a large amount of  memorabillia sci-fi film and tv related drawings.

I Produce drawings mostly black and white,but are now starting to produce some colour.

We sell prints of our work normally by getting in touch with me by email.

We do sell some of the original drawings on request.

The purpose of this site is to show some of my work and direct you to my Email address for any orders or commotions.


All artwork is produced by Paul Johnson

Born in Aston Birmingham grew up in the 70s.

 A big fan of Tv shows such as Star Trek, Doctor Who, Six-Million-Dollar Man. Love films like the Time Machine, Forbidden Planet etc.

The problem I found ,was that I couldn’t get pictures and posters back then, so I had to draw my own. 


I always liked my drawings to look as close to the original photo as possible.

I have been in the building trade for about 35 years ,so all drawing and painting was forgotten about.


In 2016 I started drawing again.

With the help of Lorraine my wife, Kate my daughter and Ben my son-in-law we have displayed my work at shows, e.g.- comic cons.

We have many genres available, anything from Marvel, DC, Dr Who and classic animated ,plus many many more.

All pictures are prints of the original hand drawn artwork, they are printed on high quality paper and are available in 3 sizes:


                                A5 - £8 mounted

                                A4 - 12  mounted

                                A3 - £12  Picture on its own


We also do multiple pictures in a six mount

All the original drawings are available for sale.

 if you would like any further information please contact us below

Paul Johnson

Mobile : 07795634267


Instagram : pjj.artworks

Facebook : pjj.artworks

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Please feel free to email us with any of your questions.

We will reply as soon as possible.

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